Our Story

The band started back in May 2010 as a 5 piece prodominantly formed to perform at a one off charity fundraising event. After the event's success the members decided to progress to the next level by becoming a professional function band. In March 2012 the band became a 4 piece... 

Hatty Price - Lead Vocal

Music and Performing Arts has been a part of my life from a young age but I started singing aged 7 in my local church choir. From then on I was  hooked and always involved myself in school drama productions, shows and concerts. It was at high school that i decided I wanted to study music and performing arts at college and university.

I was brought up around a diverse variety of music, from the likes of Rod Stewart, Queen and Michael Bolton to Smokey Robinson, Elkie Brooks and Carly Simon...this combined with my preferred modern artists and genres is probably why I have such an eclectic taste in music. Which is great because I love to perform all the classics as well as the chart toppers of today!!

I joined the band in 2010 as a backing vocalist for a hobby really, however my position within the band gradually developed and I became the lead singer in 2011.
I have also performed as a backing singer with local soul singer Irie J and as a solo artist for parties and special occasions.
My experience with "All Revved Up" has been nothing but positive!! I have met some amazing people and I have performed in some great venues, some more quirky than others, but most of all I have made some really good friends.

Clive Thomas - Guitar

I was a late starter, first picking up a guitar at 16 and 36 years on still learning. I've played in a number of bands, mainly rock and function groups in front of audiences ranging from a crowd of 1500 to 1!
I have never played in a cage, but I have played in a chapel of rest, a prison and with a 6 piece band in a 15' X 6' Minstrels' Gallery.
I had a 10 year sabbatical from gigging in 200, but carried on playing at home. I got back into gigging with All Revved Up in 2010, this a by-product of some local jam nights.

Don't ever hand me a banjo or ask me to play jazz or my response will be less than polite. My true passion has always been rock music, it's what inspired me to start playing in the first instance. If you want confirmation that I am old dinosaur, then I'll let you know that I was lucky enough to see Led Zep, Randy Rhodes and Gary Moore pay live. Whenever I think i's time to stop or need somewhere to escape ijust get back to where it started for me.
More recently, we've been lucky enough as a band to play some acoustic sets. The tones and nuances were something I'd never really appreciated to such a degree before. There is something about an amplified modern acoustic and harmonic voices that is very special. Although like most people often play acoustic at home, for me playing live unplugged presented a new but very welcome challenge. It's also inspired me to push myself further, learn new techniques and revisit dropped
                                                                                        tunings, something I'd not done for years.
                                                                                        I feel very lucky to be in a band with some very talented and to be honest,
                                                                                        inspirational, young musicians.

Ray Manning - Bass

Phil Strich - Drums


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